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Challenges I’m having with my songwriting routine

Balcony garden is a pretty good place for a songwriter

This time I’m writing a bit about the challenges I’m having with my songwriting. It’s mainly about keeping my daily songwriting routine up an running which lead to the main symptom – time. 

Routines are incredible important things for when it comes to songwriting. I don’t know why but this stuff doesn’t simply happen for me if I don’t follow my routines.


Songwriting requires time and space

Some people wait for the inspiration to come and write songs when it happens. I don’t, since I know I would get anything done with that method. Waiting for an inspiration works for them but not for me.

Unfortunately (or not) I have to be very precise with my time and songwriting routines. It’s obviously also a time optimization since I don’t have too much time to spare currently (or who have, maybe teenagers).

If I don’t make sure I have time for songwriting I’ll lose it.


Trick for a songwriting flow – continuous repetition

Time management is not the only issue. I guess I could call it songwriting flow that I’m aiming to build with routines. I’m consciously trying to keep myself ready for songwriting so when I manage to find a peaceful slot I can use it. 

It’s not about trying to write music faster. It’s about getting into songwriting mood easily every day. For me songwriting doesn’t require inspiration but it still requires a certain mood to get my machine running. 

I believe you know that flow feeling when you get started and after some time stuff just happens. It’s kind of consciously working with something without interrupted. And you’re having a good time. 

Daily songwriting routine is the key for that feeling. When I have a couple days off during a week I will definitely have trouble with getting started next time. 

It’s so easy lose your songwriting routine but I guess it’s only normal thing since songwriting is not easy. Though it gets easier every day and year if practiced repeatedly I think.


Any thoughts?