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Find a songwriting partner

Find a songwriting partner & mentor

It doesn’t matter if you’re into writing songs alone but you should find a songwriting partner anyways. Or multiple if possible.

You see, it’s always a good to have somebody from who you can get a feedback and share ideas with. Getting another perspective and opinion for your songs may be the best way to push you forward with your songwriting.

I don’t mean you should find a people to write with if you’re into writing alone. I personally write songs mainly alone since I enjoy that very much. But I write for different projects and that way collaborate with different people.


It’s so much easier way to learn and progress with songwriting

Songwriting partners is about learning. We all have our own taste for songs. Even if we try to be as diverse as possible we all have our recognizable ways of building songs. Those small melody lines and common chord progressions we are using quite often.

When writing alone it’s hard to say when you’re moving to a right direction. By this I mean do you actually write something new and interesting or just tweak songs a little bit in a way other people cannot even notice the difference. That happens to me all the time.

With the help of a songwriter partner or two you can get instant feedback from your songs. “That’s interesting”, “hmm, reminds me of something” are simple lines that give you more feedback you can ever have when writing alone.

Plus that way you’re actually showing your music to someone even when your tunes are not completed and ready. So many songs are left hidden because songwriters just don’t feel sharing them. I believe that’s a shame. Don’t do that.


Try cowriting once in a while

Even if you’re not writing a golden hit every time your songwriting partner can get inspired from that one riff or melody line you’ve written and continue those tunes with refreshing new ideas.

When two songwriters collaborate there’s two creative heads working instead of one. That is usually a good thing.

You expose yourself for learning more about songwriting when working with a songwriting partner. You’re still in a charge of your songwriting career and can easily go back writing alone in your basement if you wish. But at least it’s worth of a try once in a while.