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Song theme: Fingerstyle acoustic guitar

Fingerstyle acoustic guitar theme - Ghosts Welcome

Fingerstyle acoustic guitar song theme

Here is one fingerstyle acoustic guitar song theme that’s been around for some time now. I enjoy playing this quite often just one fun but I haven’t had enough time or motivation to finish into a full song or record it.

This fingerstyle acoustic guitar riff describes pretty well all the things that, in my opinion, are the best and enjoyable things in fingerstyle guitar: it’s beautiful but same time a bit melancholic, playful and the soundscapes can be very versatile. This will be a nice small song someday I think.

I’ve been thinking about fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing in general and I think I’ve clearly developed my own style of playing. I don’t necessarily do things like most of the fingerstyle guitarists do from technical perspective since I’ve never cared about to learn some of the basic stuff.

When I was a kid I went to local music school to play classical and graduated eventually but I never spent time mastering those basic fingerstyle guitar techniques. That can be seen especially with my right hand. Instead of that I developed a mixed techniques during the years that fit for my need of playing electric guitar with pick as well.

I quess it’s alright to have found my own things and ways of playing but sometimes I miss better and more stable technique with my right hand. The fingerstyle acoustic guitar riff found below is built with interesting usage of A minor chord. I keep the same fingering while moving the hand over the fretboard and found some interesting chords that would have been otherwise been missing.

I like to experiment with that kind of playing a lot, it works as well with C major chord for example. I don’t think about music theory that much when playing so I really like to experiment and play around with the scales and keys.


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