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Getting back to songwriting after a small break

Getting back to songwriting after a small break - Ghosts Welcome

It’s been a few weeks since my last blog post here. I wasn’t actually away that long but I was really busy with everything so I figured out that a small break from here would be a good thing. And it was actually like small breaks always are.

I feel excited to start writing again and doing music. I haven’t written it here but I’m actually writing music with the same phase as this blog grows. I’ve been talking here about working routines and that’s what I’ve been thinking a lot when writing songs lately.

So this is a good place to summarize my thoughts during the weeks even though I don’t actually publish real music here, only jams and snippets. I’ve noticed that there are readers who come to visit this blog regularly. I didn’t really expect it to happen but it’s pretty nice. I hope my thoughts about songwriting will help your writing or any other creative work.

Anyways, here’s one cool guitar riff I wrote some time ago.

Feeling stuck and not knowing from where to start again

This usually gets me every time after I’ve been on holiday or having a small break like this. I feel stuck and I don’t know from where to start again. I don’t feel uninspired or not motivated. It’s opposite of that. I’m excited but I have no idea what to do next.

I guess it’s related that I don’t really have to write songs for living. This is a pure hobby for me even though I’ve been doing this semi-professionally for decade now. But since I’m really into this, more than I’m any other activity considered a job or a hobby, I’m going to write songs.

Deadlines would be a good thing. Deadlines that aren’t set by me. Songwriting is like any other task, it’s really hard to finish anything. I always want to concentrate on the good stuff like guitar riffs and lyric drafts. Finishing your songs is hard but really important like I’ve written some time ago. 

I know my working routines and I know I’m going to get back to those later this week. I’m currently aiming for one completed demo per week. And since I’m not on holiday anymore from this blog this week is no exception, there’s going to be one song for this week.

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