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Learn to prioritize your time and write more songs

Prioritization and songwriting - Morning pages can help

. Prioritizing your time is hard. Songwriting is usually hard also but time management is definitely harder.  

I’ve learned this hard way during the years and I still struggle with it. It’s true when they say when you grow older time is your money, you never have it enough.

You know what I mean? There’s so much interesting things in life and songs to write but not so much time!

I’ve discussed a lot with people who feel they’re not progressing with their songwriting or other music goals good enough. In my opinion it’s hardly never about skills or some sort of a writer’s block – it’s always prioritizing their time.

We all have time. One week is actually a quite long period if you focus only on one thing. Think about that – one week and only one thing to focus.

But yes, it’s almost impossible to find that much time to write songs in real life. There’s no even need for it but you get the point. Time is just going somewhere else than you would like to.


Do you know why you don’t have time to write songs?

Personally I’d like to study a lot. What music is, how to be a better with my main instrument, how deeply I could learn music theory, how audio signals can be manipulated, how others write songs etc. This list is a long one. 

I’d like to work a lot as well. Whether it would be consulting, or my own projects I’d like to do it more. At the other hand I could gladly spend a stress free time more with my family and friends.

Then there are other things in life as well – Sports, sleeping, Netflix, eating, walking, mobile phones etc. We usually do lots of things every day that takes time.


Prioritization = Spend less time with non-important things

If you’re struggling to find time for your songwriting read the next line carefully. You have all the time you need but you just need to cut from somewhere to have it. Prioritize your time.

I need to do this all the time. Building a working routine has worked for me really well always. Goals are important as well. Deadlines are even better.

You need to evaluate what do you want to do in life and spend time with. If you want to write songs make sure you find time for it. Prioritizing your time is one of the most important skill to learn.