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Lucrative Lullabies (Lo-Fi | Chill | 12/2020)

ghostswelcome - lucrative lullabies - lofi/chill

Yep, a new music finally. This time it was a long way to release this but better now than never. Here’s a new song called Lucrative Lullabies. If you have been following ghostswelcome on IG for the past few years this stuff doesn’t surprise you – this is what I like to do.

Why it took so long to actually release anything under this blog / name ghostswelcome? No idea, I guess I was busy doing songwriting, session work & other band projects. And life takes time too. I kind of figured out that I shouldn’t plan any of this, just find some small amount of time and write music for this project. It worked pretty well in my opinion. I felt relaxed and motivated while creating this small tune and I guess it’s the goal after all for this hobby.

Lucrative Lullabies is something that’s performed only with guitar even though there is “bass” and a bit keys. I tried to write this song in a way that I could perform this somehow with myself with the help of a loop pedal. That’s something I’m actually planning to do so more dark lofi / chill tunes to come in the future.