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Medieval Guitar Music

Medieval guitar music - Ghosts Welcome

Here’s a one interesting song theme, or simple guitar riff, which is in my opinion inspired by medieval guitar music. The inspiration can be actually related to Game of Thrones as well but anyways, there’s some really cool old school vibes on it. This medieval guitar riff has stayed with me for some time now and I do enjoy playing it, though I don’t really know what to do with it. Game music maybe?

I actually grow up playing these kind of songs when I was studying at local music school. I remember playing all kinds of classics and etudes mostly. I wasn’t really into those stuff since I felt classical music was quite boring, I wanted to play heavy metal instead.

But my guitar teacher was smart enough to show me some of the stuff from Yngwie Malmsteen. Neo-classical shredding which made classical guitar basics more interesting even though they were still classical etude. But this kind of medieval guitar music stuff has always been with me and now I enjoy composing this kind of music as well.

One thing I find this kind of medieval guitar music interesting that I immediately connect these themes to fantasy literature and movies. And that’s probably reasonable since most of us consume medieval music only in a form of background music.

There have always been really popular fantasy TV-series and movies where music is obviously authentic sounding. No one really explores this music style as music that much. Same for me since I enjoy playing this kind of music and making it but I’m not really a big fan of medieval guitar music style.

I guess it’s only learned habit and my years in the local music school is to blame for that. But I’m quite sure this will be nice tool for my songwriting at same point

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