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Have a break and rest enough – Your songs will thank you

You need rest for creative processes like songwriting

Do you know how to get away from your songs for a while? Do you know how have a small break and not to think about songwriting or music related stuff at all?

One of the most important thing in songwriting is about learning your own working habits. How, where and when to write songs for the most effective learning process and productivity.

I’ve been writing about those topics several times here in this blog with the same phase I’ve been personally thinking about these things.

Lately I’ve been focusing on how to find time for songwriting when I’m feeling busy all the time. It’s good to think how to get your songwriting machine going in a best possible way.

But I’ve been thinking (and writing) about taking time for resting as well lately. That’s something that’s so easy to forget and ignore even when everything counts on good sleep. You just cannot be effective and write songs when you’re tired.


Avoid problems beforehand

When it comes finding a cure for tiredness, writer’s blog or incoming songwriter’s burnout there’s no better way than trying to consciously prevent unwanted things to happen beforehand.

It’s so much easier to have a break from songwriting when you know it’s a necessary part of a songwriting process.

If you’re not consciously thinking about taking break from your daily songwriting habits you should definitely start now.

It works other way around as well. When you know you can have a break you will be more focused in many ways.


Have mini-breaks regularly

I personally kind of figured out this in a way that I take a small (one to two days) but mandatory break from everything songwriting related after I’ve completed some task that requires a bit longer focus.

That’s usually means completing a certain set of songs or a longer songwriting related blog post that usually consumes more time and work.

I’ve promised myself to do something completely different for a while after I get my work done with songwriting related stuff. That way you also can easily know if your work is progressing. 

Songwriting is fun and everything related to music is fun as well. But too much is too much and you need a break after a while.


Breaks should be a part of your songwriting working routine

Having a break from your songwriting routines should be actually a part of your normal routines. You work harder, more effectively when you know when to have a break.

Working too much is just waste of your time. It will eventually lead to a situation in where you’re not working effectively and you don’t probably even notice.

This same stuff has been written in entrepreunership blogs countless times. It’s evergreen topic in life management books. But somehow this stuff is not so popular in a songwriting discussion.

To be at your best as a songwriter you should rest.