» Seasons Change And So Does My Mood For Songwriting

Seasons Change And So Does My Mood For Songwriting

Seasons Change And So Does My Mood For Songwriting

I know I’ve been lazy when it comes to writing blog posts here in It’s not a good feeling even though I have a pretty good reason. I’ve been busy writing music.

More specifically I’ve been really focused on trying to deepen my know-how of writing lyrics. Deep concentration is really time consuming and it’s especially hard for my energy levels. Learning new does really require bright mind.

Days are as well shorter here in the North already and there’s not that much light during the day. It’s harder to find energy to do all kind of stuff I’ve been commiting during this year. Spring and summer time seems to be so much easier to get stuff done.

But I guess that is something I like about changing seasons. Your mood and the state of mind change with the nature. It’s actually refreshing to know there are two main seasons during the year. There are time for doing stuff and time when you’re learning things.

This starting fall and long winter will again be a really good change to learn something new and sharpen your skills. I’m personally focusing on lyrics and trying to re-think my songwriting process. I still feel that I spend too much time on non-important things. I’m trying to polish ideas that don’t really need it.

I guess it’s endless journey trying to make my songwriting process smoother and I like it. It’s so nice to read and listen stuff I’ve been writing last spring and compare it stuff I do now. It’s nice to see the progress. It’s going to be really inspiring time next spring again when I’ve spent lots of time analyzing and focusing my writing.

Focusing is a good thing to do but it’s good that there are times to refresh your mind and forget everything. That’s most likely the reason winter feels like never ending season for me. Staying in concentrating state of mind for six months is pretty long time. But same time it’s pretty natural so maybe that’s the reason spring time is so full of energy every year.

My honest aim is to stay more active here in during this winter. If you have any ideas what kind of stuff you’d like me to write about, please let me know!

Here’s one pretty nice riff I wrote some time ago.


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