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Songwriting is good for your wellness

Songwriting is good for your wellness

Songwriting is good therapy which I think can increase wellness. I personally feel that there are huge benefits in regular songwriting routine.

Maybe it’s because songwriting itself or all the positive things that come along active songwriting.

I’ve written about this several time in this blog but you really need to focus in songwriting if you want to get anything done.

That means having a reqular routine and working your songs often. Focus also means prioritizing songwriting in a way that you get enough sleep and you try to avoid stress.


Your aim is to feel good while songwriting

Since songwriting is a very sensitive craft it’s also important to learn your own working methods that you feel comfotable with. That way songwriting is always a nice and comfortable experience even you may work with tough song topics sometimes. 

You should say no to pushing over your limits, writing too long hours or trying to find time for songwriting between too busy life.

You need to focus on songwriting and in order to do that you should focus on yourself first. Those are the actions you usually have to take to write songs.

Even small choices towards songwriting routine will do the good I think. It’s about slowing down a bit at least for a while.

You need to get out from all the hassle and leave your mobile phone away for a while. You aim to get stuff done so you need to focus.


Songwriting is a good thing for your brain

Obviously songwriting itself is a very good exercise for your mind. It makes you think, to be creative, solve word and musical puzzles and maybe sometimes sort out your mind. 

I think it’s a quite safe to say songwriting does increase your wellness. 

What do you think?