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#about-me, music, the blog

Hi, thanks for checking out the songwriting blog. I started collecting my thoughts about songwriting, guitar riffs and other stuff related to music here a few years ago. I didn’t have any plan and still don’t – I just wanted to start something new after feeling bored for some time. This is self reflecting and trying to figure out why I like play and write music in a way I do – and why some stuff is so damn hard after all these years. 


I’m currently writing dark lofi / chill tunes if you’re interested.



What I do also – Songwriting services:

Co-songwriting:  Are you looking for co-songwriter to write songs with you? I can co-write music with you remotely – free of charge. Read more about co-songwriting!

Session guitarist for hire: Do you have a song or a music project you’d like to get professional guitar tracks recorded? I can help you. Read more about studio guitarist for hire!

Custom guitar riffs: Are you looking for custom guitar riffs for songs, beats or loops? It’s my passion – send me a message! Free of charge. Read more about custom guitar riffs!