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The importance of time management when making music

The importance of time management - Ghosts Welcome

Hey, everyone. I’ve been thinking about the role of this blog lately. I’ve been battling in my mind should I keep this purely informative about the stuff that’s building and happening around Ghosts Welcome.

If you don’t know what Ghosts Welcome is yet, here it goes: My name is Ari, I’m a songwriter and Ghosts Welcome is my blog to where I collect all the music, projects and thoughts. I’m also very active on social media so make sure you follow Ghosts Welcome in your favorite channel.

But now back to the point – I’ve been wondering should I keep this page as a platform for informative things only or should I write more freely about the stuff that is somehow related to Ghosts Welcome. I decided to choose the latter since I feel there’s lots of stuff worth to be written here about music and art in general.

I guess it will always be somehow related to Ghosts Welcome anyway since this is a key project for me currently. So from now on – This blog is about the music, art and life in general.

Indie musicians and constant time management problems

Today’s topic is something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately. I’ve somehow found myself in a situation where there’s lots of on-going projects (on and off music) and work to do. And that has eventually led me into a very hectic schedule.

I do find it as a positive problem that there’s enough interesting stuff to do in life but there’s same time some serious time management needed to be made. The importance of time management is especially critical when making music as an indie musician.

This goes pretty much in all creative work where one is not making a full-time living by only making art. Does this sound familiar? – “The heart says I should do more music and art, it’s my calling. My rent can wait”. 

The other part of you says: “Well, I need to pay my bills and make the living for my family. There’s no need for artists who cannot or want to make the living. Do it on your free time like others – You’re having plenty of free hours every day.”

Unfortunately it doesn’t really work this way at least for me.

The importance of time management when making music

Personally I don’t make full income from music. I’ve been around in music and songwriting business for some time now that I get some income from performance rights organizations and music sales. Not enough to cover all my living, not yet.

I’m doing financially alright but my income comes mostly outside of music. And thats the problem. “Real” jobs are tough work as well.  After the long day I don’t feel I have enough energy to focus on music in a way I would want to. I need to schedule my time with music which is frustrating. At the same time, I’m not really into the idea of leaving everything else out of my life and focus my time purely on music.

And that’s because of money obviously. In my opinion there’s no pride of being broke because the sake of making music when you could support your family in some other way. But I would definitely go for music full time if I would find a stable ways to get a basic income which I could rely on. But I’m still seeking the way to do it currently, I hope you’re doing it too!

So, the situation is actually OK after all – I don’t have that much to whine about in my life, but the current situation is not good for the creative energy in a long term – people need their rest and it’s no fun to feel you’re not doing enough what you’d like to do in life.

Do you have similar experiences in balancing between music and other work? How to solve this problem?

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