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What are your dreams as a songwriter?

Do you have dreams as a songwriter?

What is your biggest dream related to songwriting? Do your dreams go hand in hand with your current songwriting goals and working methods?

It’s said that one should dream big so at least some good stuff will happen. I kind of believe it since if you’re working towards something big you usually tend to work more.

But if you don’t have any dreams don’t just wait stuff to happen or you’re getting old waiting. You probably know already that songs don’t write themselves in most of the cases. Or at least do sales, marketing and build your songwriting career.

Dreams are good thing since it’s easier to set goals if you have some idea where to aim at. You know why to work your songs in bad days and why you keep trying even if you’re not progressing in a way you would like to.


All songwriting dreams are good

So what kind of dreams do you have? I believe many songwriters dream for a major hit but for different reasons.

Bigger songs can open new doors especially financially. You’re more open to decide what to do next. Some dream about fame. I guess every dream is a good one if it leads you working towards it.

But writing a big hit is only one way and one dream. Some songwriters dream about getting their songs published, some dream touring and performing full-time. Some songwriters just dream having more quality time with songwriting.


I just dream about having more time to write songs

Having more time to write songs is personally my own dream. In my dreams I would have more time just to sit down at my working space, drink some coffee or tea and play guitar. This would probably mean I’d get enough money from songwriting or somewhere else as well so I wouldn’t have to stress about it.

I’m quite confident that is actually a dream that could happen eventually. I’m trying to keep it clear in my head everyday so I don’t quit trying to reach it.

I’m not necessarily sure how everything is going to work but time will tell.

What about you – what is your songwriting dream?