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Which one is a better method for writing songs – Alone or with group? 

Which one is a better method for writing songs - Alone or with group? 

You have probably written songs alone with the help of an acoustic guitar and a notebook. You may have also taken part of co-writing session or written songs with your band. 


Do you prefer writing music alone or with group? 


I started to think the pros and cons of these songwriting methods since everyone is talking about co-writing nowadays. Co-writing seems to be a very common way to work when it comes to professional and commercial songwriting. I still believe that the most of the songs in this world are written alone. 

Imagine a songwriter staring towards stars while finding right chords to match a line she just wrote down. I kind of believe that’s the case with many songs. Many people like to have their own place and time when writing songs.
Professional songwriting seems to be a bit different story. Songs are written during intensive co-writing sessions. Ideas are flying and the sharpest ones are used for a completed song before the deadline. 


Both songwriting methods have the pros and cons

Both options have their benefits but don’t probably work for everyone either. I personally enjoy space and silence when writing songs. I need to really focus and I’m not good in that when I’m having companion. I have my songwriting routines and I really find my daily tasks useful for me.
Many people can do and enjoy most when working with other songwriters. There are several benefits in co-writing. Multiple brains are usually better than one and with skilled songwriters it’s a really powerful way of working. 
When you’re co-writing you need to learn to listen other people and understand there are other ideas and perspectives than yours as well. That can be a good thing or not. 
I’m personally sure about one thing. One needs some kind of a peer work, support group, colleagues, or a songwriting coach to discuss and get another opinion every now and then. Songwriting books can be a handy tools for this as well. 
I started this blog with that in mind. I’m personally into writing songs by myself so I felt this blog would work with me to reflect and help me write better songs. Hopefully this does the same thing for you as well. 

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