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Why Do People Make Art?

Why Do People Make Art Or Write Songs?

Do you know what motivates you to write songs or do any other creative stuff in your life?


Why there’s a need to create even if it’s not necessarily thing to do in in your daily life? 

This has been a pretty relevant question for me lately. I have a solid career outside of music and the job market is really good. I’ve build a good set of skills and possibilities to do different interesting things are endless. Still I spent most of my time thinking about songwriting. 

It’s not that I don’t enjoy my day job. It provides me a good stable income, it’s low energy work and good for my brains as well. I usually find it as a good balance for my songwriting. The only bad thing is that it takes time from making music. 

There’s something weird going on with many people who are passionate about art and creative stuff. I’ve been discussing with my friends about this topic and many share same thoughts about feeling bad when art projects don’t move forward as expected.

Even when none of my friends are doing music or art for living. So it’s not about making money. There’s simply something inside of you saying you should do it anyways.


Habits and screen time matter 

I personally think it may be a habit I’ve building over the years. My songs don’t just arrive here in this world and be completed, I really need to work them. There’s always something new going on and stuff to be done. 

I believe as well that it’s natural thing for people to do creative stuff and try to make something new. The passive mind is only an outcome from our new digital age when we’re occupied with information coming from everywhere all the time.

The best thing I’ve done for my songwriting is the decision to try avoid all unnecessary information. I don’t follow news feeds and I’ve deleted my personal social media accounts years ago. Too much information is just too much information. One needs space to think and create. 

I remember I didn’t always feel the need to write songs. Few years ago there was so much going on so I didn’t have the time to let it happen.

The current positive state of my songwriting hobby is an outcome from reduced screen time. It’s a good start though I haven’t found out why I and many others want to write songs in the first place. There’s probably more than just habits.  


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