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Why To Write Songs?

Why To Write Songs - Ghosts Welcome

Have ever thought why do you write songs? What makes you to start a new song and repeat the process all over again? 


I have had couple of lazy days when it comes to songwriting this week. I just haven’t had energy and time to work with any of my projects. That’s fine since sometimes things just move forward a bit slower and brains need some time to reload. I’ll get back to work this weekend. 
It’s been actually interesting to see how I feel and think about songwriting during this small break. It’s been pretty intensive time with writing songs lately and I’ve been curious have anything changed. I’ve been actually trying to understand what it the driving motivation for me to write songs.

The power of habit

The first note is that I’ve been feeling a bit guilty of not writing songs or not doing anything creative. This blog post is the first attempt to compensate that horrible laziness.
The habit of writing songs has grown so deep in me during these years that I’ve learned to need it in my daily life. I think it’s fantastic that I’ve build a habit of writing songs though I don’t really like the idea of feeling guilty when not doing so. That can easily lead to burnout or towards other unwanted activities.
I think songwriting is mainly about your working routines and learning that process is on-going work. It takes time to learn new habits so I think I’ve succeeded with this part.

Grow with songwriting

The next observation is that I feel excited when I think about writing songs. I start thinking about all the stuff I haven’t finished, skills or techniques I could try learn or try out and so on. It feels refreshing to notice I really seem to like this stuff after all these years.
Understanding that makes me happy, since it’s hard to find something you really enjoy spending time with. Usually new hobbies come and go but songwriting been with me almost 20 years now.
Sometimes it’s not about writing songs only, it’s a tool to live your life and help you to understand it. Didn’t realize this one until now. How about you – what’s your motivation to write songs?
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