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Why you (and I) should write songs everyday

Songwriting everyday

I’ve been blogging about time management when writing and making songs lately. This posts will be about the same topic but from a bit different perspective. I’m going advise you and myself to write songs everyday even if that means focusing your energy on songwriting for a few minutes only per day.

I do believe in writing schedule as I’ve written earlier. It’s very important to give yourself deadlines since for most of us stuff dosn’t stuff happen. You need make plans and deadlines when writing songs or you end up writing not so many songs. I also believe routines are good thing like I wrote in this post about morning pages. There are several techniques to keep your songwriting flow going and building routines around it.

It’s about learning process

But today I’m talking about learning. How to learn to write songs as effectively as possible. I believe there’s only one way and that is writing a lot of songs. It’s same kind of thing than learning any craft really. You do and you learn.

Obviously there’s something related to talent. But that doesn’t change the fact that even talented people need to rehearse songwriting. No one is ready when starting out. Some may need less work than others but every one needs to work to learn songwriting.

Writing schedules help you to start and finish your songs. That does help you you learn writing but I personally cannot schedule deadlines for everyday. I would always miss some deadlines and feel bad about it. And when you miss your first deadline you will miss the other ones as well and so on. There shouldn’t be too many deadlines to work for.

But you should and can rehearse songwriting everyday. There are many benefits from it. Firstly it helps you to focus since you create a habit to think about it every day. In no time you will start missing your songwriting session each day if you’re missing it. You will start writing more easily and kind of learn to set you songwriting mode on when needed.

You’ll learn all the time even when you’re not songwriting. Brains are funny thing. You need to work yours often but not too much or you’ll stress yourself too much. By thinking songwriting everyday and writing a bit you’ll process your writing unconsciously during the rest of the day. And because of that you will make progress and write better.


How many good songs do you write within a year – or ten years?

And the last point is obvious. When you’re writing songs everyday you will write songs more. The change you come with someting super cool is much higher than having only one songwriting session per week. Most of us who write songs are commited in this lifestyle. That means there’s years of writing ahead of you. Think about that and how many good songs you will write when you make sure you write a bit everyday.

Start today even if you’re too busy or tired. There’s always time for 10 minutes.

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