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Writer’s block – What to do when you’re feeling uninspired to write songs?

Writer's block - What to do when you're uninspired

How to overcome writer’s block when you’re feeling you cannot accomplish or write anything decent?

You know those days. Nothing you aim to write feels just pure garbage. One can only hope nobody hears those tunes or gets a change to give an honest feedback to you.

The only thing you want to plan is to quit songwriting and bury everything related to it. That’s what writer’s block is all about for a songwriter.


Bad songwriting days are a part of the game

We all have bad days sometimes and sometimes more often we’d like to have them.

I’ve figured out that the key here is to understand how to cope with your uninspiring days and writer’s block in a way that you can continue later without losing your motivation and confidence.

Since there are always reasons for bad songwriting days you can fix. I’ve noticed that bad days come when you’ve worked a bit too hard for some time. You may have had bad sleep and not resting enough, not eating well etc.

Songwriting is a sensitive thing but not that sensitive after all. If you’re having a good day but you cannot write anything good it’s probably ok. You just move forward and continue another day.


Is it writer’s block or something else

You just need to look a bit of the bigger picture. If you compare your bad day material with the stuff you’ve created for example five years ago you would probably feel pretty satisfied. Songwriters grow and set bar higher every year, song after song.

I believe it’s actually same kind of thing like with sports for example. It should be fun but it shouldn’t be that easy make progress either. It’s very important for you to have those bad songwriting days since you learn from those more than good days. Bad days builds you as a songwriter. 

But remember also if you’re having too much of those bad days you should try to thing could something be changed. Don’t push yourself too hard. Songwriting is not a sprint, it’s a marathon if you want to use these cliches (never ever use those in your songs).


Keep writing everyday no matter of what

Showing up every day and trying is very important, but spending your time with stuff that doesn’t feel good is not good thing at all.

If you feel bad and uninspired after one hour of trying and you don’t still feel good it’s time to call it a day and go out finding stuff worth of a song.

Tomorrow will be a new chance.