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Writing schedule – It’s more effective and fun than you think

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In this blog post I’m going to write a bit about writing schedule. In my case it usually means songwriting schedule but it can be applied to any kind of writing – or creative work in all kinds.

Writing schedule is sometimes called as writing routine or calendar so you probably can figure out what this schedule is all about. It’s about making time for writing with the help of calendar and deadlines.

Sounds tough but let’s face it. We all have busy lives and there’s not always that much free time to fill with being creative. With the help of writing schedule you make sure you have time for writing during the weeks.


Writing routines – For who?

I personally need writing routines and schedules. Without those reserved time slots and reminders I don’t usually find myself writing songs.

I’m very strict when it comes to keep plans and deadlines but when there’s no any planned activities and my calendar is empty I rather find myself doing sport or relaxing. I believe that’s the case with most of us.

Our minds are lazy, especially if your main working tool is your brains. There’s no enough headspace to think too much outside of working. For me there’s some much going on all time so without scheduling there’s simply no room for songwriting. And that would be a big problem for a songwriter.


Schedules are about prioritizing

Writing schedule is for anyone who thinks there should be more space for writing or other creative work. It makes sense since our life is so full of other events. Scheduling your writing is not forcing yourself to write, it’s about prioritizing it to a level writing deserves to be in your life.

Without prioritizing some other stuff will override and take it’s time. Email, social media, non-productive time spending etc. If there’s time for those time-eaters there should be time for writing as well. Prioritize, make time and schedule it. You will thank you later for that.

What if I’m not in a mood of writing when I should be? There will be times like that for sure, but not always. It can be hard at first to feel inspired when there’s two hour window to create but you will learn to be effective after some time.

Setting deadlines works for me quite good. There’s no other change than finish my song drafts within scheduled time slot since there’s no other way. It may sound artificial and too easy to actually work but our minds capable of creating a weird scenarios.

Think about Pomodoro technique for example. You set a timer and collect tasks. Scheduled writing works exactly like that.


Learn to appreciate the time you have scheduled for writing

For example I have a time scheduled for this blog few times per week. I have lots of thoughts I’m interested to talk about here, but those thoughts don’t find their way here by themselves.

I find these writing sessions relaxing. Songwriting sessions are different, usually very inspiring, and I have a schedule for those as well. After some time these sessions happen without thinking but most definitely as a result of  disciplined scheduling at first.

But there’s no need at all to set deadlines for your writing if that’s not your goal. For many of us writing is a amazing hobby without any goals and scheduled writing works for that as well. Schedule time for your dear hobby like people schedule time for sports training.

Try it yourself a few weeks and let me know how your writing schedule worked for you. Did you manage to write more during those weeks?



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