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Writing songs is like handcrafting – Minor details matter

You know to hear minor details when your songwriting skills grow - it's like handcrafting

It’s saturday night. It’s good time to get slighly philosophical. Have a mercy on me. So..

Writing songs is like handcrafting. That is the simple outcome from my quest of trying to figure out what songwriting is and why so many people do it.

When you’re starting out you really struggle with your first works. But you kind of feel some kind of need or connection for writing songs so you do it anyways despite of you don’t really know how. 

You feel excited. Maybe it’s because you understand you created something new to this world. You started working it and boom, then it’s ready and done. That’s pretty awesome thing in songwriting. You keep going because you create something unique and new.


You build your songwriting methods

After a while you start to learn to know your songworking habits, good and bad sides of it. You learn your own limitations and strenghts while doing more songwriting. You start to understand what kind of craftsman you are. What kind of songs you’re into creating.

Your start to make progress with your working methods, you start know what you’re doing . You know what details to polish and what’s irrelevant for your songs. You know the basics but you know how to break the rules when it’s necessarily for your songs.

That’s what songwriting is all about. First you struggle to get even the basics right. But when you keep going and repeat the songwriting process enough times you start to see and hear things you haven’t before.


Little details make your songs

It’s about little details here and there. You don’t waste time anymore with stuff you know being not important for your songs. You can write simple songs easily but you cannot fake those little details that make your songs special.

That’s the craftsmanship of songwriting. It takes time to master this skill. It took years to understand it but now i’m gladly accepting the fact I still have lots of to learn.

Saturday night may continue.