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Writing songs without any instruments

Try this - Make a good cup of strong coffee and write a song without using any musical instruments

Have you ever tried to write a song without using any instrument? I’ve found this way of writing songs pretty interesting to try out sometimes.

I actually like to use this writing method if I’m aiming to write a song where lyrics are supposed to be at the very center of attention.

I strongly recommend to try this if your usual way of writing songs is with the help of a guitar or an other instrument. Also if you’re normally writing music first and then lyrics this one will turn your working methods upside down.


Start writing a song without any instrument and arrange everything later

Yep, so I’m not talking about writing a cappella songs or anything unusual. Or you can write a cappella if you wish but personally I’m writing quite normal pop tunes with this method.

This “writing songs without any instrument” -method just means that you’re completing the first draft of a song without additional instruments other than your voice.

The key here is to move focus on lyrics and vocals. You’re pretty much composing songs by humming and playing around with words.

Lyrics are the focus of attention

There’s a couple of pretty good features that come along with this writing method.

  • You really need to focus on your lyrics. Writing songs without instruments gives so much space and attention for lyrics you really need to find something important to say.
  • You compose vocal melodies that are natural for your lyrics. Words are often forced to match the lead melody of a song. This way you make sure you’re composing music that matches with your song lyrics.
  • You don’t overdo musically. Most of us are pretty limited with our singing skills. Writing songs only by singing or humming will make sure it’s doable in real life as well.
  • If you can get your song sounding good vocals only it’s likely you can make it work with other instruments as well.
  • You can write songs everywhere. Go to a local bar and start your next song.


Happy writing and tell me what you think about this songwriting method!