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Writing With Pen & Paper vs. Computer

Writing with pen & paper vs. computer
  • Do you write your songs, morning pages or memos using pen & paper or computer?

  • In many cases it’s more time saving to use computer.

  • Many people enjoy writing with pen & paper more instead of computer which can feel uninspiring.

I’ve written about morning pages and writing routines here in this blog before. As you may know from those posts I’m strong believer of morning pages. I think it’s one of the easiest and same time the most important thing you can do for your writing skills.

There’s been one thing I’ve been struggling with morning pages lately though. I’m having having hard times with deciding which one is better for writing: pen & paper or computer.

I’m used to write old school with the help of my notebook. The reason why I’m trying to figure this one out is that I end up using lots of my morning pages here and there eventually, but usually in online format. So I need to transfer my hand-writing to computer.

It’s really boring and time consuming to transfer stuff from offline to online. There is obviously one good solution for this and it’s writing my texts with computer in the first place.

Writing with computer feels a bit uninspiring

But I don’t know if I want to write my morning pages using computer. There are many benefits for it for sure. It’s way faster way to produce text and it’s so easy to edit but there’s something missing. I feel computer screen is just so uninspiring.

But I guess that’s the reason why old school writers started to use typing machines back in the day. To save time.

There’s no really any bad things in writing with pen and paper. It’s inspiring and authentic. For me it’s usually meditative experience as well. But it’s really time consuming.

Do you need to save time when writing?

Most of us don’t have time. That’s our money nowadays. I used to have lots of time and I didn’t realize then how important it is. But I do understand it now since I don’t have it that much anymore.

So there’s huge time advantages when writing your memos and other stuff using computer. I personally think I’m going to start writing my morning pages with computer, at least for a while. The reason is purely financial. I think I will save time and energy in a long run.

I just need to find ways to use my pens and notebooks.

Do you have this kind of similar thoughts about writing with computer instead of pen and paper? How did you solve it?