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A new ambient song with lots of natural harmonics

Equipments that I use to create ambient and post-rock music

Hey, it’s been a while. This time I have something interesting new music to share. I’ve been into playing around with ambient sounds lately and it feels good to share some of the stuff I’ve been writing also. I think guitars fit pretty well with ambient music even though lots of ambient is made for keys. Good equipment definitely helps and I’m madly in love with my Fractal AX8. I actually use presets while recording since there are so much of inspiring echo/reverb/delay tones available.

I think that I may actually start releasing ambient under the name ghostswelcome. I enjoy writing and playing this stuff so much at the moment. It’s relaxing to compose this kind of music which kind of reminds me of meditation sometimes. It’s also challenging since I’m so used to play and record with metronome so this is very new field for me to forget rhythm, beats and so on. But we will see what the future brings. Hopefully lots of new ambient music.