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Get a songwriting mentor

You should seriously think of getting a songwriting mentor

It’s OK to admit and say – “Songwriting help needed here”. In fact it’s actually something every songwriter should probably say now and then. 

In many things in life it’s fairly OK to ask help when you’re aiming to progress more effectively. But when it comes to songwriting or any other creative stuff a permission to ask help is forgotten quite often.

Like one should figure out everything on their own or just know how to write a great song naturally. That’s a stupid thought. Songwriting can be taught and learned as any other creative work in life like writing, painting or playing an instrument.


Songwriting mentors – Various possibilities

By songwriting mentor I mean seeking an advice from tutoring, teachers, consulting or schools. There are possibilities all over the world and online even though you will need to do some work to find a best fit for yourself. 

I have to add though that for some reason it seems that songwriting related courses and schools are still pretty rare at the moment, even when looking for online possibilities only. Other fields are more represented and well-known like audio engineering and music business studies.

Music production schools are touching songwriting a bit and Berklee has a change to study a degree. But anyways, there are possibilities to study and get help for being a better songwriter.


You need someone to reflect and motivate you with songwriting

Some people think you cannot teach songwriting since one either have the skill or don’t. That’s a really stupid way to think. 

It’s a same kind of statement than this 360 indie music business ideology where everything should be done and know yourself. That’s pretty awesome if you manage to do it but it’s most likely a quite rocky road ahead. There are more effective ways to learn than figuring all by yourself alone.

Learning songwriting is hard. It takes lots of time and like in every progress there are ups and downs. Small wins here and there but most of the time it’s just continuous work. You don’t even feel or notice when you’re progressing with your songwriting skills. 

It so useful to have someone pushing you towards the right direction and make sure you’re moving forward. 


You cannot cheat, you will always do the most of the work

One thing is for sure, you cannot teach songwriting if one is not willing to learn. By this I don’t mean learning to write a simple pop song since everyone can do it rather easily. Even people who are not interested in songwriting too much. 

But you know what songwriting is all about. Those small details and stuff you start to understand and hear only by writing lots of songs.

You will personally do the most of the work always. But there’s no better combo for a fast progress than a dedicated songwriter and a good tutor whether it’s a songwriting school, teacher, songwriter’s guild or some online community.

Get a songwriting mentor today!