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It’s autumn now – Time to write more songs (and activate this blog)!

The beginning of autumn and morning pages 6am
Hello, it’s been a while!

I’ve been thinking about my goals for songwriting for the rest of the year. It’s been a busy year so far in every aspect of life so I haven’t necessarily written that many songs I’d like to have so far.

But I don’t mind actually, it’s been fun and I made a promise for myself to take everything a bit easier this year. If no time for blogging it’s fine. I don’t need to push myself so hard If i don’t necessarily need to. But it’s time to be more active here in for the rest of the year!

I kind of figured out that being active here is one very good metric to know whether I’ve been thinking about songwriting. I believe songwriting is mostly a habit, you learn to write lots of songs. And that’s what this blog is all about – learning songwriting.

Just one way to motivate me to write more songs and think songwriting every day. It’s so easy to get inspired about other activities in life and forget temporarily what I’ve been working towards for so long now.

I think the beginning of August is kind of the first day of autumn. There is no better way to get started with building songwriting skills more intensively again than it’s during fall.

We’ll what this is going to be all about in the near future. I’m planning to start posting more music here which I write (and I’ve been writing) all the time. It’s not I haven’t been writing music but it’s more kind of like I haven’t really done anything for it or presented it here. That will change hopefully now.

If you have any ideas what I should be posting here please let me know!