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When and where to write songs?

When and where to write songs most effectively

When is the best time and moment to write songs? That’s a pretty tricky question at least I haven’t really figured out yet. But I have some thoughts since I have tried pretty much everything. 


Songwriting cliches – Red wine, travelling, sleepless nights

I’ve been trying to find and optimize the best time for me to write songs during the day. I’ve tried different times – morning, middle of the day, evening, nights -, all kinds of environments and different kind of moods. 

All are doable but still something seems to be missing.

Well, maybe it wasn’t only about the timings since environments matter as well.  I went for all the the cliches. Red wine, candle lights, new city streets abroad.  

Those didn’t really work for me either. Or kind of worked but I cannot travel or drink all the time. Those could work for someone else but not for me.


Surprise – it’s about boring routines again – at least for me

It seems I’m more about routines, peace and other boring stuff. 

I’m most creative when I’ve been sleeping well during the night. I always start to write first thing in the morning after I’ve made some strong coffee nowadays. 

I’ve realized I need to feel relaxed inside my head to write songs. I’m having a really hard time when trying to concentrate on evenings.

It’s necessarily that I’m alone and it’s silent. It’s definitely better if the surroundings change as little as possible. This way I feel I can put all my thoughts into writing or making music. 

Sounds boring but this way I get the best out of me. By sleeping and being as boring as possible. 


I still need to get ideas from somewhere

How to get inspired if everything is always the same, you may think? That’s pretty simple, I live life and get inspired by it. But with my standards, I want to be feeling fresh and relaxed on every morning. For the sake of songwriting.


How about you, any thoughts?