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Song theme: Acoustic percussive guitar riff

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Riff theme: Acoustic percussive guitar 


I’ve played music so long and I still enjoy it very much so I’ve built a good habit of writing new music and guitar riffs all the time. I don’t really plan anything, I just enjoy my time with music. Some of the stuff is going to be used in various music projects, some are just fun themes to play and exercise. I do it especially with acoustic percussive guitar riffs.

Some of the stuff I write is interesting in my opinion but I don’t really know what to do with them. I believe one good option is to release these small song and riff themes here in this blog and wait if something happens. Maybe I pick these small tunes later and finish these or not. Who knows, but I’m going to do this regularly from now on!

Here’s a one riff theme that came to my life some time ago. I call it simply “Acoustic percussive guitar riff” since it’s what it is currently. It’s a riff based on A minor -chord with moving bass line around it. I added some percussive elements on it to make it more like a songlike at this point but time will tell if the percussive elements are going to be a part of the full song at the end.

This riff has been a really good exercise tune for my percussive playing since I’m still learning how to use that technique in music. It’s so easy to play too much when it comes to percussion so “keep-it simple” is my guidelines for now at least. It’s supposed to be about melody after all. But it’s a fact that there’s huge difference when bringing acoustic percussive elements to guitar riffs. It’s almost like a full band with low costs! I’m definitely trying to learn more about acoustic percussive techniques during the next year.

Listen the riff below!


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