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Natural harmonics on acoustic guitar - Ghosts Welcome

Using Guitar Harmonics On A Song

Here is the song theme for today I wrote some time ago. Natural harmonics are pretty nice effects to boost your acoustic guitar playing and make music with. I composed this riff using standard EADGBE -tuning and it found it’s shape quite easily after playing around with natural harmonics.

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Songwriting studies 101 - Ghosts Welcome - The Songwriting Blog

Song theme: Acoustic percussive guitar riff

Here’s a one song theme that came to my life some time ago. I call it simply “Acoustic percussive guitar riff” since it’s what it is currently. It’s a riff based on a minor -chord with moving bass around it. I added some percussive elements on it to make it more like a songlike at this point, time will tell if the percussive elements are going to be a part of the full song at the end.

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Songwriting with guitar - Ghosts Welcome

Songwriting with guitar

Songwriting with guitar is a very popular way to create songs. It’s easy to get started with and there’s no limits when writing songs with it. I wrote my thoughts about songwriting with guitar. Go read it now!