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Starting a music blog - Ghosts Welcome

Starting A Music Blog

Starting a music blog is a really cool idea but it’s not for everyone. It requires some work and time, but same time it’s really rewarding project. I blogged about how I did it with Read my thoughts about starting a music blog now!

Acoustic rock - Ghosts Welcome

The idea of acoustic rock

There are some strong images related to acoustic and rock. But what happens when you combine both to get acoustic rock? I spent some time thinking about what makes rock music good and how acoustic music is related to it. Read it now!

My songwriting methods

My songwriting methods

There are several methods of songwriting in this world. Probably as many as there are songwriters. Songwriting is a craft that doesn’t really have any strict rules but there are some easy tricks to get you started. Read my top 5 songwriting methods now!

Songwriting studies 101 - Ghosts Welcome - The Songwriting Blog

Acoustic fingerstyle guitar – The heart of Ghosts Welcome

In this blog post I’m writing about the core aspect of Ghosts Welcome – An acoustic fingerstyle guitar. I’ve been playin music and especially rock music for quite many years now but there’s always a room and time for acoustic guitar. There’s something really special in acoustic fingerstyle guitar and I’ll tell you why – Read it now!

Ghosts Welcome - Logo

Intro to Ghosts Welcome – The first blog post

Ghosts Welcome – Acoustic sounds inspired by Northern melancholy. In this first blog post here at I wrote a bit about why Ghosts Welcome was formed, what are the goals of this one man music project and what to expect from Ghosts Welcome. Read the background now!